We are pleased to present the Procurement Explorer – your mobile guide to Polish public procurement and public-private partnership law.

The Procurement Explorer has been prepared by the public procurement and PPP teams at Wierzbowski Eversheds law firm, a member of Eversheds International.

The Procurement Explorer provides concise, essential information about public procurement law in the form of answers to the most common questions raised by foreign companies interested in public procurement tenders in Poland.

We have tried to cover the most important aspects of the legal provisions, but the Procurement Explorer should not be considered a comprehensive commentary. We have included practical information where necessary, and examples of how the regulations are used in practice. However, the scope and volume of this guide do not allow for exhaustive information on all aspects of the public procurement regulations in Poland.

Although we plan to update the Procurement Explorer regularly, please remember that you should not treat it as the only source of information on the legal regulations. This guide provides basic information only, and you should always seek professional legal advice in this area prior to making any decisions.